Eat More Fish!

We all remember through childhood when our parents or grandparents encouraged us to eat our fish. In my case, my Greek grandmother, Yiayia, was the one who cooked this native fish called Plaki, white fish in the oven with vegetables and tomato sauce. The fish smell in her Jersey City home still stays with me. I had one big issue with it. The whole head was included. Hence I was convinced I didn’t like fish at a young age.

Fish is not an easy dish to cook for many. Whether it’s the fact that you need to stop and buy it fresh or that it smells the whole house up. Some of the best dishes are grilled but it takes good weather, a thicker fillet and a experienced grill hand to ace this preparation. Michael’s Salmon on the grill in a foil pouch is one of our family favorites. Our kids loved it from young ages. Line the bottom with sliced onions cut into rings. Season both onions & salmon with lemon pepper. Slice a mix of citrus like lemons, limes and oranges on top. Drizzle Olive oil & butter on top. Wrap tight on place pouch on hot grill about 30 minutes. Simply Delicious.

The benefits of fish are plentiful! Heart healthy. Brain healthy. They say even depression prevention? Omega 3, high protein and nutrient rich. The American Heart Association recommends eating fish 2x a week minimum reduces your risk of a heart attack by 15%.

How often do you prepare fish at home? We understand the nutritional values of fish as well as the challenges of cooking it at home. So we offer many varieties and preparations at Primo Amore. We know high protein Mediterranean diets (that today go by many names) suggest eating more fish. In fact my new Dr. G nutrition program says try one whole week eat fish every night!

Some of our favorite Primo Amore fish fishes are the Salmon Amore stuffed with artichoke hearts, spinach and sundried tomatoes. The Seabass Toscana is a great white fish option served with broccoli rabe and cannellini beans. My sister’s favorites are Seabass Almondine with a drizzle of lemon cream sauce and the Pan Seared Scallops over spinach.

Every week we offer a chef inspired fish special. This week we served a beautiful Halibut pan seared with crispy mushrooms. And don’t forget shrimp! Our friend adores Shrimp Francese style which is not on our menu but we prepare it perfectly for her – our new menu will include it! And if you love a combination of beautiful fishes try the Zuppe de Pesce which every week includes a piece of market fish, salmon, shrimp, clams, mussels and lobster tail in red sauce served over linguine or no pasta at all.

We recommend you always try our fried calamari. Our guests often compliment our fried calamari saying it is the best they have ever had! When we opened, we worked very hard, sampling 3 different products before buying the most expensive one because we know there is nothing better than good calamari. So we wanted to make it great! We flour it lightly and cook it perfectly golden served with simple marinara sauce made of the best Alta Cucina tomatoes, herbs and garlic.

Great fish dishes start with the finest ingredients. We purchase the majority of our quality fish from Peters Fish Market in Midland Park. They have great selection and are wonderful people. Support local!

We want you and your family to know dining out at Italian restaurants does not mean you need to eat pasta every weekend. If you are trying to include more healthy fish into your diet, visit us at Primo Amore Bistro. Saluti!

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