Valentine’s Day Menu



Crab Cake: crab meat, peppers, onions and mushrooms in lobster Bisque             $15


Fried Oysters: with bruschetta in chipolte sauce                                                                    $15

Meatballs: with dollop of ricotta cheese                                                                       $12


Mussels Rustica: with garlic, chorizo sausage, tomatoes, onions, parsley in

spicy fra diavlo sauce   GF  **                                                                                                                      $14


Hot Antipasto for Two: shrimp, clams orgenata, mussels marinara, fried calamari, eggplant rollatini and stuffed mushroom                                             $20


Clams and Shrimp ala Limone: served in lemon white wine sauce                    $15


Pan Seared Scallops: over red quinoa in white wine caper sauce                          $16


Shrimp Cocktail: served with classic cocktail sauce                                                  $15


Fresh Mozzarella: with tomatoes and prosciutto de Parma                                     $14


Seafood Salad: calamari, bay scallops, shrimp, mussels, red onion, and celery in lemon vinaigrette ** GF                                                                                                             $14


Lobster Bisque Soup: topped with chopped shrimp & chives                                              $8





Homemade Pappardelle Gamberetto: ribbons of fresh pasta served shrimp and scallops with asparagus, mushrooms in pink sauce                                         $26


Heart Shaped Ravioli:   stuffed with crabmeat and chives topped with white crabmeat sauce                                                                                                                     $25


Rigatoni De Mar: calamari, shrimp, clams and arugula in garlic white wine             $26


Sicilian Strip Steak: with bread crumbs and served with broccoli rabe                $30


Filet Mignon & Shrimp:  grilled to taste with au poive sauce and crispy jumbo shrimp and spinach                                                                                                                          $35

Stuffed Pork Chop: fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, with dried fig  demi glaze served with risotto                                                                                           $30

Shrimp Grigio: sautéed jumbo shrimp, wild mushrooms, leeks and chives in white wine sauce served over linguine                                                                                          $24

Zuppe de Pesce: shrimp, clams, mussels, calamari and market fish simmered in tomato, garlic and basil sauce served over linguine                                                              $25


Grouper Florentino: Egg battered in garlic, white wine sauce served over spinach                                                                                                                                      $26


Salmon Valentino: wild caught salmon stuffed with crabmeat and spinach in mustard sauce served with roasted potatoes and broccoli                                                        $25


Veal & Chicken Toscana: sautéed scaloppini of veal and chicken sautéed with artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes, wild mushrooms in garlic white wine sauce served with roasted potatoes and broccoli                                                                        $26


Chicken Milano: bread crumbs, pan fried and topped with crispy mushrooms and arugula salad with balsamic dressing                                                                                               $22



Desserts:      $6

Chocolate Mousse Cake                                                   

Cheese Cake

Red Velvet Cake

Mini Cannolis (one chocolate & one traditional)     

Rasberry Sorbet






Aqua Panna Bottled Flat Water                                                                                                  $6

Pellegrino Bottled Sparkling Water                                                                                          $6

Soft Drinks                                                                                                                                             $2

Coffee, Tea                                                                                                                                       $2

Espresso                                                                                                                                           $3

Cappuccino                                                                                                                                      $4



Please Inform Your Server of Dietary Needs. 

Thank you for your Patronage.